Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Meet Jolene Pruyt

Jolene Pruyt
Fox Hollow Elementary
Sixth Grade Teacher

Elementary Education Degree-                               Westminster College
Early Childhood Degree-                                          Westminster College
Music Minor-                                                             Westminster College
Master’s in Administration and Supervision-        University of Phoenix

Jolene Pruyt has been in the educational field for 25 years with nearly 18 years in the classroom.  She taught kindergarten through sixth grade in both Utah and Nevada.  During those 25 years She served as a curriculum administrator in Utah and as a principal in Nevada for 6 years. Seeing children excel and become independent, responsible learners is her goal for all of her students. 
She has a great passion for the language arts curriculum and wants to see all of her students gain a love for learning by exploring different genres of literature. Lessons are designed to encourage students to communicate their knowledge and feelings in a competent manor.  Science and Social Studies foster the exploration of ideas, where students can explore and test theories, and learn about the early civilizations of the world.  Mrs. Pruyt finds math to be a benchmark for future educational success and utilizes comprehensive assignments and exercises to increase reasoning and problem solving abilities.
Mrs. Pruyt continues to strive for high academic standards and goals by using Jordan District’s core standards in each subject area and works to understand her students’ needs.  She prepares students for Middle School by helping them to grasp accountability and consistency through discipline and a fun learning environment.

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